Crime and corruption on the Costa del Sol

‘The Costa’ introduces Bric Carlson, ex SAS soldier and troubleshooter, now working for an international insurance brokerage. Following his wife's untimely death, Bric escapes to Marbella, on the beautiful Costa del Sol in Spain. Beginning his new life there as a bar owner, he falls foul of London mobster Honey Robinson’s efforts to control the cocaine trade on the Costa. Bric soon finds himself in the center of a power struggle between Robinson, a rival Moroccan gang, an influential tycoon and a colorful police detective from Gibraltar. Bric is sucked into a world of drugs, violence, corruption, and murder while a mysterious assassin lurks in the shadows. His past comes back to haunt him as he struggles for survival, but Bric is determined not to give in to kidnapping and intimidation, even at the risk of losing the woman he loves. Fighting back against the drug traffickers and the corrupt police protecting them, Bric recruits the support of an unlikely group from both sides of the law.


About the author

William Bengtsson is the pen name of Bill Widell, who has recently published his first novel 'The Costa', and is currently working on the sequel. The author was born in Tanzania, East Africa – to where his father had emigrated from Sweden in 1930. His mother was a Polish refugee whom, together with her parents and bother, had escaped the horrors of the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. Arriving in East Africa under the guidance of the British Government, Krystyna met the eleven years older professional hunter, Bengt Widell in Kenya. The couple married producing two sons, of which William was the youngest. The two brothers attended an Irish Catholic boarding school in Nairobi – a institution housing almost a thousand pupils. Here the boys were introduced into a new world of hierarchy, discipline and corporal punishment. At the same time, they excelled in sports, both becoming boxing champions and receiving their colors for various other activities. Graduating with Cambridge 'A' levels, the brothers moved to Sweden to complete what was then, a compulsory military service.

William (Bill), supported himself as a singer and musician while studying advertising and communication in Stockholm, and then travelled around the world for a few years together with a South African friend and guitar player. This developed into a life-long friendship and a great love of music.

While traveling, Bill took on many different forms of employment, all from being an entertainer, to working as a lifeguard, bouncer, waiter and taxi-driver. The urge to write began at an early age, influenced by authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark and Somerset Maugham, but lacking confidence, Bill only wrote short stories based on situations that he himself had been through, or had heard about from others – but he kept his writings to himself, not showing them to anyone.

Years later, living in the south of Spain and owning a bar, Bill again relived many different situations which began to develop into the ideas for his first book, The Costa.

Apart from having many hobbies such as fishing and hunting, Bill is a keen amateur chef, and has a knowledgeable interest in wines. Rugby and Boxing led him into the world of Martial Arts, and Budo Taijutsu - which he has practiced for many years. He is now married for the second time and has two grown children. He lives in the country near Stockholm, in Sweden.


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